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Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Tyler Suard combines humor, simplicity, and real-world examples to explain the most complex concepts in the easiest ways.  His code is currently in use by many fortune 500 companies including PepsiCo, Albertsons, American Express, Nationwide, Ebay, Godaddy. Tyler is a Tensorflow and Artic Code Vault contributor, and has worked for household names like Facebook/Meta.



Hi Tyler, loved your presentation today. And my son loved it too.

-Nikolay S,

Computer Vision Engineer

Thank you so much Mr. Tyler!! You filled the gaps :) Definitely working with you in the future :)

-Nadine F,

Machine Learning Masters Student

Absolutely blown away by how knowledgeable Tyler was in all of the different and specific areas I had questions about, in the same time he was able to make these topics supersimple to understand. Overall an excellent teacher and very easy to work with.


Tyler is insanely knowledgeable and asks the right questions to solve problems. Really enjoyed working with him, and will be using him again.

-Asif P

Contributed to Code now in use by:


In The News:


Recent Updates:

  • Worked for Facebook/Meta

  • Filed provisional patent for device that uses AI to prevent animals from trespassing on couches and other restricted areas

  • Filed provisional patent for AI Air Guitar

  • Filed provisional patent for rotary propellantless thruster

  • Spoke at Mensa Gathering conference 2021

  • Scored in the top 5% of 98,000 test-takers on Linkedin's Machine Learning Skills Test

  • 3 Contributions to repositories accepted into Microsoft's Arctic Code Vault: Tensorflow Models, is-thirteen, Awesome-Dev-Fun

  • Deployed : A chatbot that insults its user.

  • Released Covid-HANDS: AI software for monitoring and deterring face-touching and prevent infection

  • Completed mentorship in Deep Learning and Text Analytics through Magnimind Academy

  • 5/23/20: Created audio version of Louis Armstrong singing "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion link

  • 5/22/20: Completed training on MongoDB, Spark, and Twitter Sentiment Analysis through Magnimind Acad.

  • 5/19/20: Interviewed for TechWiki Podcast on Artficial Intelligence link

  • 4/26/20: Contributed to NASA's AI4Mars dataset

  • 4/25/20: Created open-source 3D-Printed COVID-19 mask using vacuum cleaner bags as filters link

  • 4/7/20: Taught class with 64 attendees online for Magnimind Acad: Deep Learning 101 link

  • 3/29/20: Used Mat2Vec to gain insights from database of 9,000+ COVID-19 academic papers link

  • 3/6/20: Created easy Google Colab version of StyleGAN training and generation link link

  • 3/4/20: Appeared in CMSWire article as a guest expert on Artificial Intelligence careers

  • 2/8/20: Taught at Magnimind Acad.: Reinforcement Learning and How To Beat Humans at Any Game link

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Teaching Engagements:

Artificial Intelligence
Classes Playlist
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Covid-hands logo.png

Reminds you to stop touching  your face by screaming at you when you do


SmartBread: Wifi-Enabled IOT Bread


Home Automation with Azure and David Hasselhoff

download (76).png

AI-Generated Art


RoastBot: Insulting Chat Bot

The chatbot that insults its user


Deep13 Image Classifier

(Arctic Code Vault Contrib.)


3D Printed Air Guitar




I am available for projects, teaching engagements, or party clown gigs.

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